Paying your shift staff on time and the right amount is key to improving engagement and retention. Manage payroll accurately and efficiently with SmartTask’s integrated pay reports.


  • Safeguard contractual commitments by ensuring that only qualified employees are suggested for shifts
  • Accelerate payroll and billing using SmartTask’s integrated reports
  • Easily access attendance records for every employee
  • Increased transparency for both employees and customers
  • Boost morale among staff by reducing employee pay disputes and resolving any disputes that do arise more quickly
  • Payroll and invoice lock down provides a consistent source of data for reconciliation
  • Prevent erroneous and unforeseen holiday pay outs
  • Provisions made to support both fixed and flexible billing options as well as billing for extras
  • Customers have experienced a 90% reduction in pay queries using our Pay module which can automatically arbitrate employee pay.
Smarttask Performance

Smarttask is in use every day by hundreds of users, and we measure our performance on the volume and value of use.
The figures shown here are based on a typical month in 2022, and will give you an idea of just how reliable, useful and popular Smarttask apps are
Smarttask Scheduling

Smarttask scheduled 3,316,000 hours, logged
466,800 shifts as completed and
920,114 users booked on and off

198,565 Patrols were monitored with
1,888,262 patrol points scanned

432,000 Lone Worker protection calls made and
79,500 Smartforms completed

In the office..
about £31,000,000 in wages calculated and
34,900 employees managed

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