SmartTask Security

SmartTask Employee Scheduling for Security Guards

Employee Scheduling

Simple to use ‘at a glance’ schedule creation tool that significantly reduces administration time and cost, and ensures you know how to best coordinate security staff at all times. Artificial intelligence (machine learning) removes the guess work as best matched employees are automatically suggested and the personal preferences of staff are taken into consideration.

SmartTask proof of attendance app

Proof of Attendance

Know where your security officers are 24/7 and what activities they are undertaking. Accurately record proof of shift times. 

Duty of care is of the utmost importance and the SmartTask app can be used to make welfare calls and checks.

SamrtTask Holiday app

Holiday & Sickness

Electronic management of holidays, sickness and other entitlements. This module provides complete transparency for both employers and employees for any task related to absences.



Paying your shift staff on time and the right amount is key to improving engagement and retention. Manage payroll accurately and efficiently with SmartTask’s integrated pay reports.

SmartTask Bill app


Provide increased transparency for your customers by ensuring accurate invoice data. SmartTask’s exportable reports improve visibility of billing information which directly impacts business decision making and profitability.

SmartTask Mobile Patrol app

Mobile Operations

Designed and built in collaboration with the UK security sector, SmartTask’s new Mobile Operations module, part of our flexible workforce management system, provides all the tools necessary for both the control room and officers for Mobile Patrols, Alarm Response and Keyholding Services.

SmartTask Static Patrols

Static Patrol

Need to make sure guards are onsite? SmartTask’s Static Patrol app allows employees to book on and off their shifts, make check calls, scan check points, raise alerts and submit incident reports via electronic forms.
Employee well-being is also monitored as the app can provide check calls and access to site based documentation often critical to their safety, that must be viewed and confirmed.

SmartTask Vetting app


Costly compliance, audit and risk management issues are a thing of the past with SmartTask Vetting. The necessary regulatory and legal employee details can be recorded electronically and easily accessed by authorised staff. Your vetted new starters will be on the job much more quickly.

SamrtTask Alarm Response App

Alarm Response

SmartTask’s Alarm Response module gets matters sorted Allowing you to swiftly, alert your customers when an incident occurs. By immediate calling of emergency contacts and fast response to securing the site, your customers will be worry free. All processes are handled including full incident reporting, so you are able to provide comprehensive updates at all times.

Daily Occurrence Log

Daily Occurrence Log

The paper based DOB is a thing of the past. SmartTask’s electronic DOL communication tool means security officers can quickly create entries to capture information on any occurrence on-site. As well as reducing the administrative burden, the cost of providing, distributing and archiving a paper based log is removed.
First software provider to do so.

SmartTask SmartForms

Electronic Forms

Turn your clipboard into an electronic form. Easy to use by selecting pre-populated and pre-existing forms for data entry. These entries can also automatically populate the DOL avoiding the manual processes.
Electronically capture accurate data while minimising the risk of human error; paper usage and printing requirements have been dramatically reduced.

Control Room

Control Room

Live monitoring features provide an instant, real-time overview of how your business is performing each day.

SmartTask Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Gives customers access to a web portal where you can provide a complete dashboard for vital reporting and communications. Putting you in control of what data is shared, when. Your customers can view their security activity in real-time and view a variety of reports.