Check Calls, Shift Reminders & Alerts

Check Calls, Shift Reminders & Alerts

Duty of care and helping staff and managers ensure they deliver on your service promise are crucial to keeping your staff safe, your customers happy and reducing the stress on key operational staff. We have a variety of tools to help.

We offer two lines of defence against missed check-calls, dropped shifts and forgotten book on/off.

Our automated first line of defence saves time for your control room staff and managers. It prompts staff to complete check calls and shift book on/off through our easy to use app or via our automated phone system (IVR).

Our Escalation service works hand in hand with the prompts and uses the IVR system to contact a line manager, or other designated person if the member of staff misses a check call or shift book on/off, it announces which type of shift event has been missed, when and by whom.

Next, our onscreen and email based Alerts ensure the team know when check calls, book on/off are late or missed allowing staff to be contacted, maintaining duty of care and service levels.

  • Automated first line of defence
  • Alerts direct to your team
  • Reduce missed Book on/ off and dropped shifts
  • Improve Check call compliance
  • Enhanced Staff engagement
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