At SmartTask we take the future of the planet seriously that’s why we have been undertaking a rigorous program reducing our carbon emissions

Examples of carbon emissions reduction activities undertaken:

  • Addition of roofing insulation to reduce the heating requirements of the building in winter
  • Replacement of windows with the latest standards to reduce heat loss
  • Replacement of the heating systems with the latest low emission boiler
  • Replacement of all lighting with LED units reducing electricity consumption by 1/3
  • Fitting EV charging capabilities
  • Replacement of all company vehicles with EVs or PEHVS

Current initiatives:

  • Ongoing programme to retire aging IT equipment and replace it with more energy efficient equivalents
  • Reduction in staff commuting by increased working from home
  • Moving our utilities to a 100% sustainable provider

Future projects could include: Feasibility study for fitting solar panels to the office to further reduce our need for grid-based electricity

Smarttask is a Certified Carbon Neutral Business

SmartTask have taken another leap forward and is now a Carbon Neutral Certified Business, helping you drive down your Carbon Emissions. We are also proud to announce that we will be contributing to offsetting the carbon footprint of the IT equipment you use to access SmartTask, making us Carbon Positive and helping you further mitigate the impact of your business activities on the environment.

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