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Overview - Facilities & Estate Management

Overview - Facilities & Estate Management

SmartTask FM is a workforce management solution that provides facilities and estates managers with the tools to optimise staff productivity and generate the information required to demonstrate performance and compliance.

Insights - Advanced Reporting

Insights - Advanced Reporting

Data insights allow you to gain a deep understanding about your business from the information (data) it generates.

SmartTask for Facilities Management apps

Rostering / Rotas

Automatically create rosters across multiple locations – for months in advance. Intelligent Rostering automatically suggests best-matched employees – based on various criteria such as skills & qualifications, availability, historical shift patterns, and working time directive.

SmartTask Audit and Inspection app

Audit & Inspection Services

Capture and store valuable auditing and inspection data such as cleaning standards audits and equipment checks – such as defibrillator, fire safety or first aid.

SmartTask HR app


Manage employee records, holiday, absence and certificate management along with payroll and service billing. You can automatically arbitrate employee pay to your parameters.

SmartTask proof of attendance app

Proof of Attendance

Capture integrated proof of time and attendance to monitor the status of your staff as they complete their work. Staff can use a simple smartphone application to scan tags to record shifts.

SmartTask Mobile Workers app

Mobile Workers

Employees can book onto their shifts, view their daily work, make check calls and scan site checkpoint tags to prove that predefined routes have been visited.

SmartTask for real-time visibility

Real-time Visibility

Live monitoring provides an instant real-time overview of how your business is performing as the day unfolds. You can quickly identify where critical issues are occurring and respond effectively to ensure that compliance is achieved and customer satisfaction maintained.