Electronic Forms

This provides an extremely powerful and flexible capacity for replacing paper-based business processes with electronic forms.

Mobile Docs

Mobile Docs are documents that can be linked to a location. Mobile Docs ensure that the latest versions of your company policies are propagated to and acknowledged by your workforce.

Document Storage

It’s always best to keep all your important site related documents electronically and in one place, this avoids storing boxes and the challenges of a key member of your admin team being unavailable. SmartTask allows you to store files for a site in the same system as your rosters, KPIs etc. Increasing efficiency and reducing contractual/ operational risk.


The Daily Occurrence Book and been replaced by the convenient, flexible and powerful SmartTask Daily Occurrence Log (DOL).


A biometric scanner is a device that scans employee fingerprints and is used to for proof of attendance (POA) on site.

Call Reminders

If one of your business challenges is ensuring staff reliably book on/ off or complete Check Calls, we have a solution. Working in conjunction with our automated phone systems (IVR) the service will help with compliance, duty of care and keep your records straight.

Mobile Device Management

Smartphones with access to company emails, services or data are vulnerable to data breaches, loss and misuse. MDM is offered as a service to provide control of mobile devices, secure your assets and minimise data security risks. 

Cleaning Audits

Efficient Audit management is a key part of today’s cleaning services offering. You can make Audit results available via email or through our customer dashboard.

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