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SmartTask’s next-generation technology was developed by Ltd – a UK based, IT company founded in 1999 and with a track record of creating leading-edge, cloud-based, mobile workforce solutions. This highly intuitive and simple to use solution is being continually enhanced by Skillweb’s in-house technical team, who have deep industry experience – gained from working as both software suppliers and end-user customers.

The result is an employee scheduling and workforce management solution, with industry-leading features – that radically improve the way service contracts are set up, rostered and managed. Results for customers include a significant reduction in administrative time and costs – with greater operational control, performance and higher quality service delivery – that is consistently contract compliant. Ltd is a privately owned business that provides technology solutions designed to help organisations manage their mobile workforces and track the movement of their goods. The company manages deployments across the UK and beyond and is responsible for over 100 million transactions each month and growing.


We understand how frustrating it can be when your system is licenced for a fixed number of named administrator logins and you have ‘run out’ at the most inconvenient time.  You can’t find the colleague who needs to logout and/or your scheduling software supplier wants you to commit to a large fee for a minimum term contract period. Worse still, it’s outside normal business hours, you have a short term event to plan and you’ve exceeded the number of active scheduled employees in the system. What do you do?

Fair Use Pricing

We have listened!
Firstly, we’ve unlocked the web user limit and instead priced SmartTask based on the number of employees actively available for rostering so you will only ever pay for what you use. Our Cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ is highly scalable from small owner-manager companies to world-class enterprise organisations.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) & Contract Plans

Most organisations in the services sector employ a mixture of long term regular staff and part-time or contracted occasional staff – especially if engaged in supporting events for a specific period.  We aim to accommodate ‘real world’ requirements by offering customers a blend of contract plans and a pay-as-you-go facility.

The most cost-effective way to schedule regular staff is to purchase Employee Contract Plans for any number of employees priced for either 2 or 3-year minimum term.  Additional contract plans may be purchased at any time as your business expands and, since SmartTask is a software service, we collect monthly via direct debit.

For variable numbers of staff, perhaps for an event, simply enable the PAYG mode from as little as 10p per person per day and we will add the usage charge to your next monthly statement. Separate Mobile User Contract Plans are available for employees using the SmartTask Mobile app on a smartphone and these are charged on a per-user per month basis.

Critical Cost & Risk Factors - SmartTask Cloud Software saves… …money, time, complexity and risk

SmartTask is a cloud-based software as a service ‘SaaS’ solution, which means we provide and manage the computer whilst customers log into a secure website to use the application. This makes it highly scalable, reliable and affordable, thus removing the need for costly, time consuming and complex technology projects. It is simple and easy to install, so companies can quickly and effectively implement the solution even without the need of a dedicated IT department. Ongoing support also provides full disaster recovery and software upgrades as part of the subscription.

Any solution purchasing decision must include these critical cost and risk factors:

  • Cost of software + support + updates
  • Cost of equipment + support + installation
  • Risk and cost of data backup and security
  • Cost of expansion as business grows