How SmartTask helps manage staff holidays, sick leave and sick pay

SmartTask plays a pivotal role in effectively managing staff holidays, sick leave, and sick pay. These features are vital for maintaining smooth operations, controlling costs, adhering to regulations, and fostering a positive work environment.

  • Automated Tracking: SmartTask offers automated tracking of staff holidays, sick leave, and associated pay. Employees can submit their leave requests via the Engage app, and the software automatically updates the records, for a manager to approve/ decline.
  • Accurate Record Keeping: SmartTask maintains accurate records of staff absences, making it easy to track the number of days taken for holidays or sick leave. This precision is crucial for calculating pay, managing workloads, and adhering to the working time directive, HR policies and the law.
  • Leave Balances: SmartTask provides employees with access to their leave balances via the Engage App, allowing them to plan their time off more effectively. Managers can also view these balances to ensure that requests align with available leave days. Rules can be set to automatically deny a leave request which does not fit you HR rules e.g. less than 2-weeks’ notice or to limit the number of team members than can be off at one time.
  • Integration with Payroll: SmartTask integrates with a variety of payroll systems, automatically calculating the correct pay for staff holidays and sick leave based on company policies and relevant regulations.
  • Integration with Rostering and Scheduling: SmartTask’s holiday and sickness management if fully integrated with the rostering process, a simple process allows staff to be removed from a shift and another employee inserted and notified of their new schedule. SmartTask learns who covers who’s shift and will offer a suggestion of the best fit employee.
  • Compliance: SmartTask assists in ensuring compliance with the  working time directive, HR policies and the law regarding holidays, sick leave entitlements, and sick pay calculations.
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