SmartTask for Facilities Management apps

Rostering / Rotas

Automatically create rosters across multiple locations – for months in advance. Intelligent Rostering automatically suggests best-matched employees – based on various criteria such as skills & qualifications, availability, historical shift patterns, and working time directive.

User permissions and controls also ensure that service users get the care required with a full audit trail.


  • Reduce scheduler involvement and the dependency on their knowledge of the workforce
  • Dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of the rostering process
  • Minimise the likelihood of breaches in service compliance
  • Gain economies of scale by rostering multiple teams across the campus within a single rostering system
  • Know and have confidence that the most suitable employees have been scheduled
  • Expedite the shift confirmation process using MySmartTask
  • Capture ad-hock work so that Management KPI’s are complete and support business justification for extra resources
  • Boost customer satisfaction!
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