How does SmartTask help control room services for security service providers

How does SmartTask help control room services for security service providers

SmartTask offers essential tools for effectively managing control room services at manned guarding companies. It provides features that streamline communication, monitoring, and coordination within the control room environment. Effective control room services are essential for operational efficiency, rapid incident response, client satisfaction, liability protection, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to the business's reputation, growth, and success.


  • Operational Efficiency
  • Quick Response
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Liability Reduction
  • Resource Optimization
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Risk Management
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Client Communication
  • Continuity of Service

Communication Hub: SmartTask serves as a centralised communication hub where control room personnel can receive alerts, messages, and updates from guards and field staff.

Real-Time Monitoring:  SmartTask offers real-time monitoring features that allow control room operators to track guards' locations, book ons/offs, check calls, activities, and incidents in real time.

Incident Management: Control room operators can receive and respond to notifications and alarms from guards in the field, facilitating quick and effective response measures.

Dispatch and Coordination: SmartTask enables efficient dispatch of guards to specific locations based on incidents, emergencies, or scheduled tasks. It ensures that the right personnel are assigned to the right tasks.

Resource Allocation: Control room operators can manage and allocate resources such as vehicles, equipment, and backup personnel based on real-time information and needs.

Comments and Reporting: Control room personnel can add comments to shifts about actions taken, and communications within SmartTask, creating a comprehensive record of activities.

Task Prioritization: SmartTask highlights and alerts Control room staff to priority tasks and events, ensuring that urgent matters receive prompt attention.

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Case Study - Integrity Security Group

Integrity Security Group has selected SmartTask for the provision of advanced proof of attendance, control room management and staff rostering solution. The employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software will initially be used across 150 officers within the company’s manned guarding team, before being rolled across its wider security services operation.

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