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Formula Facilities Services Ltd streamlines workforce management with SmartTask to meet staff wellbeing and customer service priorities

Using SmartTask’s app to manage workforce hours saves 40 hours per week on back-office admin

Formula Facilities Services is a facilities services provider delivering first class cleaning and bundled service solutions across the UK. Established in 2008, the company has always focussed upon ensuring the welfare of its staff and listening carefully to client needs.

Formula recently consolidated its systems to manage employee time and attendance, leave and scheduling, choosing the latest solution from SmartTask. It has greatly increased operational efficiencies by going paperless and Formula has valuable insights on how the use of attendance data can improve the customer experience.

Customer service a priority

Formula rolled out the SmartTask app to manage working hours for over 150 staff at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when relying on its previous paper-based system was becoming untenable due to disrupted Royal Mail services.

According to Catherine Moloney, Financial Controller at Formula; “Having real-time sight of where and when staff are working helps to greatly improve the customer experience. From being able to provide a more flexible service and adding extra staff when required, to ensuring that absences are noticed and dealt with immediately.”

More accurate payroll benefits staff and customers

Alongside recording precise working hours, SmartTask also ensures that the correct hourly rate is applied to each employee, at each location, helping Formula to maintain a breakdown of exactly what has been delivered.

More accurate, faster payroll is also achieved since switching to SmartTask.

“Automating the process has saved the company up to 40 hours a week - the equivalent of a full -time person. In addition, processing payroll is streamlined and more accurate meaning that payslips can be issued within a day of the end of month, where previously it could take up to five days to reconcile errors on overtime or holidays,” said Catherine.

The SmartTask app enables staff to request time off, and receive approval, as well as calculating holiday entitlement based on hours worked. And, thanks to SmartTask, Formula is able to view sickness, holiday, AWOL - even furlough - at a glance, helping keep a check on staff wellbeing and flag, possible, serial Monday and Friday absenteeism.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Replacing paper-based systems was one of the key drivers for choosing SmartTask.  Using the SmartTask app has removed the reliance on the postal service, which often led to late or lost paperwork. Having to scan in and shred timesheets has also been eliminated. Keeping records electronically also means is it easier to comply with data compliance regulations such as GDPR.

As well as providing real time attendance data to assist cost-efficient resource scheduling, the app has helped Formula achieve its vision of a paperless office.

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