SmartTask System

Do I need lots of technical know how to install SmartTask?

No. SmartTask is a cloud based solution designed to be implemented in to businesses with minimal technical input. As with all systems some time is required to ensure the business gets maximum advantage from its investment and this can be achieved either by you and your team of if required we can help with the use of the solution throughout your business, we can even go as far as installing NFC tags at your sites if you need us to.

My current solution requires me to have a server in my offices, what are the advantages of using a cloud based solution like SmartTask?

By using a cloud based solution you are taking advantage of a shared infrastructure which is maintained and supported for multiple clients. The cost of providing similar levels of service and support for systems within your own business would be prohibitive.  Cloud based solutions allow you to access the solution from anywhere you can connect to the internet reducing dependency on your own network links and allowing home and remote working where required. Cloud based solutions remove the need for expensive set-up costs allowing you to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

My current rostering provider charges extra for support, are there additional support charges for SmartTask?

No, office hours support is included in your contract plan, out of hours support can be made available if required.

If I chose SmartTask where will my data be hosted and how secure are the servers it is hosted on

The SmartTask systems are hosted in dedicated data centres with high availability SLA’s within the award winning cloud service provider Iomart. All data is hosted in the UK with primary servers located in the Maidenhead data centre and backup in Nottingham. Details of the datacentres and their security can be found here


Do I have to pay for SmartTask contracts for all of the employees I want to schedule on SmartTask even if they are only need to be schedule for a short period like an event?

There is a requirement to pay for employees using the system either via contract plans or if they are temporary or contract workers they can be activated via pay as you go (‘PAYG’) mode where you only pay while they are available to be scheduled.

If I need to add extra employees over my contract do I have to call in and speak to someone at Skillweb?

There is a requirement to pay for employees using the system either via contract plans or if they are temporary or contract workers they can be activated via pay as you go (‘PAYG’) mode where you only pay while they are available to be scheduled.

I have a national operation and need to segregate our customers in to different areas, can SmartTask do this?

Yes, using areas, accounts, and clusters it is possible to divide up management of employees and locations.


I’m really concerned that my schedulers will at some point miss rostering an employee to a critical customer shift, how can I prevent this?

By using the unconfirmed shifts board your admin team can see upcoming shifts that do not have an employee rostered. By simply ensuring this is displayed prominently in front of your admin team they can see at a glance which shifts need urgent action.

On my current Rostering system it is possible for some ‘less conscientious’ schedulers to delete difficult-to-roster shifts, Is this the same in SmartTask?

No, Rostering staff cannot delete a shift instead they can Null a shift which requires them to provide a reason. A full audit trail is maintained and Nulled shifts are flagged to the attention of management to ensure shifts are only nulled for the right reasons.

How can ensure my growing workforce stay within the working time directive?

The SmartTask system ensures your employees are only rostered in accordance with the working time directive rules. There is of course the capability for authorised staff to override this in the exceptional cases where these rules are not appropriate.

At the moment my admin staff remember who works at each site but as we get bigger this is getting more difficult, how can SmartTask help?

The SmartTask Rostering engine will automatically suggest the most appropriate person to work a shift, using a complex algorithm looking at previous work, employee linking, holiday, working time directive and other factors, the system will learn which personnel to suggest. This significantly reduces the time and administrative resources require in the planning office … especially when local historical knowledge is not available, such as during holiday and sickness periods. As the system learns which staff to suggest rostering times can be reduced to seconds even by personnel who don’t know the area.

I have multiple types / grades of worker, can SmartTask roster these and make sure we get the right people to the right shifts with the right skills?

Yes, SmartTask supports multiple colour coded grades fully integrated with certificate management into the rostering and automated suggestion modules.


I have lots of paper forms in my business, can SmartTask help us reduce paper and be more effective?

Yes, the powerful SmartForms capability within SmartTask allows us to create complex forms with branch routed workflow so that operators are guided through a range of questions appropriate to the business need. Each form can include many typical question types together with signature or photo capture. Customers are using these forms for inspections, request forms, vehicle checks, safety equipment checks, customer sign-off and much more. These forms once captured can be automatically directed to the appropriate team for further action and or managed through the SmartForms portal to ensure they are actioned and processed.

Will my staff need lots of training to use the mobile app?

No, the SmartTask mobile app is simple and intuitive to use and can be deployed to users with little or no computer skills with minimal training.

What can I do if my broadband goes down at a critical time?

As SmartTask is a cloud based solution it can be accessed from any location where you can connect to the Internet so you can either purchase broadband dongles from your mobile network provider or Internet connections from alternative suppliers and use these as a backup or temporarily relocate to a location that has Internet connectivity. For appropriately sized opportunities SmartTask can be installed on premise if required, however the resilience available from a cloud based solution will likely be costly to match.

How can I prevent my staff from performing unauthorised actions within the system?

SmartTask puts you in control of each user’s access rights to the system. By letting you create user roles and allocate them to users of the web portal you can give specific access required to ensure the business operates while maintaining the administrative option to change when the business necessitates.

Do I have to be technical to write and fit NFC tags?

No, in SmartTask we have made creating tags and QR codes a simple task. By entering the information required into the web client you are preparing the ground for the deployment. You can then simply give access to the tag writing app to a selected maintenance person who can then affix and write the tags. This simplifies the installation process and minimises the risk of errors deploying tags. We also offer a service where we will come and install the tags for you if required.

HR/ Payroll and Billing

I would like a single place to keep all my payroll data, Can SmartTask help me manage this for all of my security officers and cleaners?

Yes, SmartTask has everything you need to calculate and pay your employees, it stores key payroll information and via the payroll arbitration process will help your admin team to produce accurate calculations of pay for passing in to your accounting system.

Can SmartTask help me to calculate employee pay?

Yes, SmartTask has everything you need to record and calculate employee pay. The powerful payroll arbitration feature allows your finance team to review any discrepancies and adjust them to meet those inevitable day to day changes that happen in the real world. Payroll data is available to be imported in to your accounting system ensuring employees are paid against the business rules that you have agreed.

I have problems making sure my team correctly bill for ad-hoc customer work, Can SmartTask help prevent this?

Yes. All work can be recorded in SmartTask and then added alongside contracted hours to help make sure the customer is billed correctly.

Can SmartTask help me calculate holiday pay for all my workers including those on shifts?

Yes, the powerful holiday management features within SmartTask allow you to record holidays planned and ensure the rostering process knows when employees are available for work. Holidays accrued are calculated automatically based on defined rules to provide a simple and consistent approach to apportioning holiday based on government guidelines. When combined with the other holiday features SmartTask helps significantly simplify your holiday administration.

How can I ensure that only suitably certified employees are rostered to specific sites or contracts?

SmartTask contains an integrated certificate management module which allows you to control and record which certificates employees have achieved. You can also define which certificates are required for each service delivered to a customer to ensure only people with the appropriate certification requirements are rostered to customer contracts.

Does the SmartTask certificate management module support the requirements for right to work checks?

Yes, the Certificate module allows you to set-up the normal grace periods where right to work checks are completed.

It is currently time consuming to ensure I invoice my clients correctly, Can SmartTask help?

SmartTask allows you to set pay and bill rates and adjust them to ensure your clients are billed for their contracted work correctly. It also allows you to capture and manage ad-hoc work – increasing the likelihood that the additional work, sometimes agreed in the early hours is correctly billed.

I want to pay my employees against the shift hours I’m paid for by my customer and not the actual times they clocked in, how can I get the system to work this out for me?

The Payroll arbitration module of SmartTask allows you to set parameters to automatically set the expectable boundaries of when employee pay should be aligned with the customer contracted hours. The payroll arbitration screens allow your admin team to deal with exceptions, ensuring pay data is correct before passing to your accounting system.


How can I capture the contractual commitments I have made to my clients to make sure we deliver on the service we have promised?

By setting up your client’s locations and the services you have committed to deliver in the SmartTask web portal, you can capture your contractual commitments in a safe and secure place. The shift generation engine will take these contractual commitments and produce the rosters against which you can schedule employees. SmartTask is designed to help you ensure you get the right person to the right location with the right skills at the right times…. to ensure your customers are happy.

MIS & Reporting

It’s currently taking us lots of time to produce service performance reports, Can SmartTask help?

Yes, there is a vast array of reporting within the SmartTask system designed to remove the time-consuming admin of building customer service reports and much more.

I want to delegate responsibility for certain areas to my managers, can SmartTask do this?

Yes, using our permission groups and the subordinates hierarchy, managers can control their teams effectively whilst maintain the appropriate controls over which users they can manage.

Can unauthorised persons write NFC tags that can be read by the SmartTask app?

No, SmartTask encrypts all data stored in the NFC tags and the app only works with tags written by the SmartTask tag writer available as part of the main SmartTask app but made accessible only to authorised personnel.

My current system does not work well in low GSM signal areas, how does SmartTask cope when GSM signal is low or not there at all?

SmartTask has been designed based on 15 years of experience in the enterprise mobile industry using all types of data connectivity. SmartTask allows your staff to work consistently irrespective of mobile network or WiFi availability and synchronises the data whenever it can…much like your smartphone email.

Patrol Monitoring

How can I see in real-time what’s going on at my customers’ sites?

By using SmartTask’s patrol monitoring capabilities you get real-time visibility of patrols as they are being completed and you can choose to be notified if patrols are at risk of not being performed to plan, giving you the opportunity to resolve issues quickly. The patrol monitoring capabilities allow you to be as flexible or restrictive as you like over the timing of patrols, ensuring the right service is delivered to meet customer expectations.

It’s currently taking us lots of time to produce service performance reports, Can SmartTask help?

Yes, there is a vast array of reporting within the SmartTask system designed to remove the time-consuming admin of building customer service reports and much more.

What types of checkpoint are supported by SmartTask?

SmartTask supports NFC tags from sticky labels, login cards to robust waterproof ABS tags which can be screwed outside. It also supports QR codes that can be printed on paper for quick and/or temporary deployment where NFC tags aren’t available. It also supports a manual tag read override for those exception scenarios such as tag missing / not accessible as happens in the real world.

My guards are currently recording incidents on paper, Can SmartTask help?

Yes, the powerful SmartForms capability within SmartTask allows us to configure electronic forms and communicate them to the correct response team in the most appropriate way.  Incidents, which require immediate escalation can trigger an alert in the Control Room’s active screen and/or send an email. Less urgent incidents, such as some maintenance tasks can be emailed to an FM helpdesk, whilst others simply collect and record data from routine tasks such as regular vehicle checks.

My customer has additional requirements above the normal guard patrols, can SmartTask help me deliver value added services?

Yes, SmartTask is helping FM and security companies deliver a vast array of value added services such as audits and inspections, providing an efficient means of capturing work orders and communicating them automatically to the appropriate department for further action.

Will my staff be less efficient if I ask them to use the mobile app?

No, SmartTask is designed to make patrol monitoring simple whilst enabling real-time visibility of what’s going on. In our experience, staff have been shown to be significantly more efficient when using SmartTask compared to competitive products.

I have mobile patrols as well as site patrols, Can SmartTask support these?

Yes, SmartTask supports single and multi-site shifts allowing you to plan and manage both in a single system.

I need to get information to the guard at selected checkpoints, Can SmartTask help?

Yes, SmartTask supports both onsite (in the tag) and off site (stored in the cloud) data for each check point which allows you to securely place critical information at the point of execution. Typical uses are door access codes, instructions, risk assessments and other dynamically changing information which can be updated in the cloud and retrieved in seconds.

I have another system which contains maps, diagrams and other information which I need to make available at the checkpoint can SmartTask support this?

Yes, by inputting a URL in to the tag the user can be directed to any third party system retrieving PDF’s, images and other web based format to view on the tablet or Smartphone.

I need to make sure my guards call the right number in the event of an emergency, how can I make sure the right number is available on the SmartPhone?

By storing a pre-populated message or phone number on the tag, the phone can be triggered to make a phone call, SMS message or email with one button press.

Call Monitoring

I have multiple staff attending site at an event and want to record pay and bill time, Can SmartTask do this?

Yes, You can either give each employee access to the MySmartTask app (coming soon) on their own Smartphone or a manager can use his device to allow multiple employees to record start and end of shift by simply scanning their ID cards. These employees can also share work such as completing patrols and recording Smart forms.

Making check calls to my employees is time consuming and expensive, can SmartTask help automate this process?

Yes, SmartTask supports check calls either via IVR or the mobile app removing the day-to-day need for check calls, and allowing you to focus only when check calls are not completed as planned. The solution also supports a duress function so the operator can still follow their normal process but at the same time let the control room know they are in trouble.

What methods are available for my employees to book on and off of shifts?

SmartTask supports 4 means by which employees can book on and off of shifts, these include: telephone based call logging (IVR); booking through the web client; using  the patrol monitoring app, and via the employee app, MySmartTask (available soon). Any combination of these can be used to ensure all employee types can be managed in a single system.