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Sail through SIA Approved Contractor Audits

and see tangible ROI with clever use of technology

Replacing paper-based manual systems with professional business software to run your company brings with it a myriad of benefits for employees, management and customers. However, one area that can be transformed dramatically is the annual SIA Approved Contractors audit.  Good software and accurate electronic records can reduce preparations down to as little as two hours compared with taking several days. In fact, we have heard of some cases where management teams have been  tied up for several weeks prior to an audit.  There comes a point, usually at around 20 employees, where it is more cost effective to look at using technology to run the business more efficiently.

There’s a lot that software can do, including:

  • Automatically generate staff rosters – saving huge amounts of time, and even more importantly, enabling you to tweak or amend on the fly, as circumstances on the ground change.
  • Electronic run sheets – with the ability to log planned versus actual. They can be sent to officers so that they have all the details they need on their phone, easily to hand.
  • Keeping electronic records of all jobs completed and services provided – linked up to invoicing so that no job is ever forgotten, and payroll is accurate.
  • Keyholding – keeps track of where keys are held and who had access to them – reports can be generated for audits within minutes.
  • Standardised reports provide access to business information at the click of a button.
  • Audit trail – electronic records are easily stored, and can be searched with ease, providing the information you need to prove compliance.
  • Reports management via a mobile phone app. Officers can clock in and out using their mobile phones, you can see the location of staff, and check calls can be generated – at randomised times if required – to avoid false positives.
  • Electronic records of who worked when and where, means there are fewer payroll queries, which saves time for your administration team as well as keeping employees happy. It also means that there are fewer disputes or complaints from customers.

With all this kind of information at your fingertips you can analyse what customer accounts are most profitable. You can check costs associated with each shift to ensure that margins are maintained. You can also see which officers have been working most, and those that have perhaps had fewer hours, and offer them more. Or when an opportunity for additional ad-hoc work is presented, you can offer the extra hours to staff to deliver the service quickly and easily.

As your business grows, not only will the efficiencies enabled by a proper business system pay dividends in terms of the ability to deliver a professional service to your customers, but it will also provide the detailed information that will enable you to take informed decisions that will guide your business successfully.

For more information about how a professional business system designed specifically for the security industry by UK based SmartTask, visit us at: or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.