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Business Development – Have you got the right tools?

How SmartTask can help you to win more business

For companies of every size, finding new business is essential to maintain and increase revenues, and grow the business. However, searching for opportunities - whether new markets, growth areas, customers, partnerships or products and services - can be time-intensive and doesn’t always deliver the results you need as quickly as you might like.

In smaller organisations often the person responsible for business development wears many hats including sales, marketing, product development, completing new tenders and customer service - all equally important, which makes it hard to know where to focus for optimum results.

Providing value added services increases customer satisfaction

Finding new clients takes time, so it’s well worth looking at existing customers to identify possible opportunities where you can increase revenue by offering additional value added services. Having the right business technology can make a huge difference to this process.

Managing Service Level Agreements and successful contract renewals show where you are delivering excellent services with high levels of customer satisfaction. These are the ideal clients to approach with extra services that will enable their organisation to operate more efficiently.

A modular approach ensures flexibility

At SmartTask we have worked with many of our customers to help them identify such added value opportunities. Our modular applications include features that can help you to offer bespoke services, and we can supply demo versions for this purpose. Once additional services have been agreed full use licences can be provided as required.  Here are two examples of software that can support you should you decide to pitch for more business.

  1. Electronic Forms – information on the move

Electronic Forms provide an extremely powerful and versatile means of replacing paper-based business processes. Whether it’s vacant property or mobile patrol inspections, equipment audits, or daily vehicle checks – almost any routine, or event-driven data capture activity, can be automated with workflow logic, GPS location/time/date, camera and signature capture.

As well as providing the supporting documentation to officers on-site via their mobile phones, SmartTask provides the reporting capabilities for you to demonstrate to customers that the contracted services have been delivered.

  1. Daily Occurrence Log – recording made quick and easy

The SmartTask Daily Occurrence Log (DOL) includes features like photos and voice-to-text, making it much more cost efficient than distributing and archiving paper-based logs. Using a smartphone or tablet (or PC in a site office) is easy for the officer, and pictures, notes and other documents can be attached to entries directly to create a complete record. For customers with multiple sites, entries can be consolidated and sorted into categories, for example, high impact incidents, notable events or background information. Incidents can be escalated to a control room or management team with an automated alert.

These examples outline instances where you may be able to offer your customers additional services over and above the traditional security patrols or on-site officers. They can both increase revenues for your business and satisfaction for your customers.

If you would like to discuss further how SmartTask can help you to develop your business, why not give us a ring. From client site visits, product demonstrations to technical or supporting information, our experienced analysts are always on hand to help.

Call us on +44 (0) 1494 444 044 or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.