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Daily Occurrence Log

Daily Occurrence Log

The paper based DOB is a thing of the past. SmartTask’s electronic DOL communication tool means security officers can quickly create entries to capture information on any occurrence on-site. As well as reducing the administrative burden, the cost of providing, distributing and archiving a paper based log is removed.
First software provider to do so.

Our web-based replacement adds features like photos and text-to-voice, whilst removing the cost of providing, distributing and archiving paper-based logs.

As part of the SmartTask workforce management solution, creating an entry to the new DOL module via a PC, smartphone or tablet is easy. Simply key in the information or use voice-to-text on a SmartTask-enabled device and have it electronically transcribed. Pictures can be attached to entries directly from the device’s camera to create a complete record.

Entries can be consolidated across multiple sites and collated into user-defined sub-categories e.g. high priority incidents, notable events or low priority information. Incidents can be escalated to a control room or management team with an automated alert and communication with customers is effortless.


  • Cost saving (no more buying books)
  • Logs managed centrally for multiple sites
  • Complete text with photo entries
  • Client visibility
Smarttask Performance

Smartask is in use every day by hundreds of users, and we measure our performance on the volume and value of use.
The figures shown here are based on a typical month in 2021, and will give you an idea of just how reliable, useful and popular Smarttask apps are
Smarttask Scheduling

Smartask scheduled 3,265,900 hours, logged
464,905 shifts as completed and
921,975 users booked on and off

198,565 Patrols were monitored with
2,184,220 patrol points scanned

326,951 Lone Worker protection calls made and
61,726 Smartforms completed

In the office..
about £31,000,000 in wages calculated and
30,500 employees managed