Apple Blossom Cleaning achieves increased workforce visibility and boosts operational performance using SmartTask

Apple Blossom Cleaning achieves increased workforce visibility and boosts operational performance using SmartTask

Apple Blossom Cleaning is using SmartTask’s employee scheduling and workforce management solution to better coordinate and monitor its cleaning team that provides office, residential and specialised services in South Wales.

Having hired 24 new staff over the past 12 months, the Pembrokeshire-based company adopted the system for proof of attendance and rota planning across 109 cleaners. This has enabled the company to dramatically improve productivity and staff engagement while enhancing its business development capabilities.

“We have saved huge amounts of time by turning our back on a paper-based office and this has enabled us to focus on winning more business,” explained Phil Deacon, Development Manager at Apple Blossom Cleaning. “Effectively managing staff rotas and considering employee welfare is not the only reason digital technology is part of our wider business strategy. We recognised the need for fully integrated systems across the business to give us a competitive edge.”

SmartTask’s proof of attendance capabilities has enabled Apple Blossom Cleaning to have full visibility of how customers are being serviced. Sophisticated call-taking software effectively captures and records working hours, with cleaners booking on and off shifts by calling from a designated landline at each customer site and inputting their unique PIN number. Alternatively, cleaners are able to confirm attendance on some customer contracts using the MySmartTask smartphone app.

Meanwhile, the SmartTask roster engine helps Apple Blossom Cleaning to streamline its planning and scheduling processes by creating rosters for multiple customer locations based on the known availability and preferences of cleaners. This replaced a previous manual planning system, reducing the time and administrative resources required. It has also allowed rosters to be automatically communicated to a smartphone via MySmartTask, so cleaners can have immediate access to their individual work schedule.

“We have been able to focus on winning contracts that previously were out of our reach and this has only been possible due to using SmartTask to streamline processes and work smarter. As well as now having the added time to focus on winning prestigious public sector contracts, we have also gained the ISO90001 and ISO140001 accreditation it needed to crack the lucrative construction industry, working on after-build cleans,” concludes Phil Deacon.

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask said: “Our software solution is proven to help cleaning companies provide a speedy and reliable service through improved communications and increased transparency. Companies such as Apple Blossom Cleaning are using the extensive functionality of the system to streamline operational processes, improve contract delivery and differentiate their businesses. As a result, it is helping to achieve growth and support their overall business strategy.”

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