Tatry uses SmartTask

Tatry Group reaps efficiencies using SmartTask workforce management software to manage security and cleaning services

Time spent on client shift scheduling reduced from 5 hours to 20 minutes a week

Benefits at a Glance 

  • Effective management of workforce contracted hours helps meet SLAs and ensure staff wellbeing
  • Improved planning and forecasting enhances customer service
  • Realtime visibility of workforce helps manage emergencies and last-minute changes
  • Easy to use system for contract management
  • Legislation and compliance management supports accreditation requirements

Established just five years ago, Tatry Group has grown to become an accredited company with 100+ employees providing both cleaning and security services to clients located across the South of England.

Its founders, Jonathan and Pauline Sisk, started the business with the aim of providing professional cleaning and security services and ensuring staff wellbeing. As a result,

Tatry Group prides itself on a frontline team who are consistent, reliable and provide a great service to over 30 clients in the retail, education and corporate sectors.

The company prioritises customer retention and uses technology to deliver its services, using only employed staff in order to maintain high levels of efficiency and quality. Tatry Group has invested in SmartTask software to manage its workforce, and is used by its frontline teams and managers.

SmartTask supports Operations, HR and Finance teams with automated employee scheduling, proof of attendance, and holiday, sickness and absence management. Accurate capturing of all working hours data ensures correct payroll and customer invoices.

Effective management of workforce contracted hours

The mobile workforce at Tatry Group logs in to shifts using the SmartTask app. The operations team manage the workforce hours, ensuring that shifts deliver against the agreed contracts. Absences and missed shifts (no-shows) are accurately recorded, both to meet agreed SLAs and ensure the wellbeing of staff. This is particularly key for security staff and lone workers, where ensuring safety at all times when on-site is a duty of care requirement.

Planning and forecasting improves customer service

Using SmartTask for roster and work scheduling enables the managers to plan ahead for employee annual leave, ensuring that shifts are always covered for the teams. Since deploying the software, the administration time spent on weekly client shift scheduling has been significantly reduced, taking just 20 minutes, instead of 2-5 hours per week previously. Managers can also forecast patterns and see any shifts that have been unconfirmed, enabling them to arrange cover in advance and ensuring SLAs are met.

Visibility of data helps manage emergencies and proactive changes easily

If a member of staff is unable to attend their shift due to illness or an emergency, Tatry Group managers can easily see the availability of staff who are nearby and who have the right skills/qualifications to fill in.

During the weekend and out-of-hours work, duty team members are on call and kept up to date as situations change with the real-time visibility of data. Decisions on team changes and deployment can be made quickly, enabling them to provide a responsive, efficient customer service – particularly for security services which often means providing a 24x7 cover for every day of year.

Accurate reporting keeps teams up to date

The reporting feature is invaluable for the teams to share shift pattern information. In addition, since the platform is web-based, managers can access real time data, in any location.

Contract management made easier  

The more efficient operations from using SmartTask helps support the management of contracts and any Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE). Relevant details can be easily added, smoothing the process when new cleaning or security contracts are taken on.

Supporting accreditation requirements

With both the HR and operations team using SmartTask, all relevant personnel information and certificates are kept updated in one system. This ensures individual security licences are current and DBS certifications for services provided to schools. It has also supported Tatry Group in its requirements to secure ISO 9001 accreditation. 

“We have been using SmartTask since we opened our business, and it's a very powerful tool to utilise within the cleaning and security industry.
It has been a key element of how we work as a business and has enabled us to streamline the internal processes to meet our client's needs.
Our operations teams can quickly make adjustments to shifts, check in on our security teams and provide shift cover.” 

Jonathan Sisk - Managing Director

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