Housing Compliance

SmartTask Housing

Employee compliance management & evidence recording in the cloud

SmartTask Housing is an employee scheduling and workforce management solution for housing association managers. With our solution, you will plan, manage, conduct and measure staff activities – more effectively. You’ll also quickly experience less admin, better performing, more accountable staff, significantly enhanced service quality, and contract compliance – helping you retain and win more customers.


Our system will continue to adapt to meet your needs and incorporates an increasing range of commonly used electronic forms. With SmartTask Housing, you can better manage:

  • Cleaning staff – proof of attendance
  • Inspection and audit teams – planning and recording inspections
  • Caretaking teams – accommodation inspections
  • Health and safety compliance teams – safety equipment inspections
  • Security officers – security patrols
  • Supervisors / managers – performance reports
  • Front desk and reception staff – rota planning and proof of attendance

Key Features

    • Simplifies Rota planning and removes uncertainty in confirmation of employees to shifts
    • Captures attendance and escalates to management if posts are not filled
    • Provides a source of KPI data, simplifying evidence-based employee performance management
    • Centralises holiday management including holiday requests and sign off
    • Manages audit allocation, centralises storage and retrieval and enables additional evidence such as photos to be added
    • Facilitates incident capture including photos and GPS location to improve incident management and ensure incidents are dealt with
    • Automates inspections so procedures are followed and completed to schedule
    • Centralises certificate management with notification when certificates or training courses need refreshing

SmartTask Housing is cloud-based, so it does not require costly integration, you only pay for what you need – and you will benefit from regular updates and new features. Our ISO27001 accreditation and industry-led technology means that you are in safe hands – and our UK based helpdesk ensures that support is highly responsive and effective too.


Automatic Workforce RosteringAutomatically create rosters across multiple locations – for months in advance. Intelligent Rostering automatically suggests best-matched employees – based on various criteria such as skills & qualifications, availability, historical shift patterns, and working time directive. Automatically create rosters across multiple locations – for months in advance. Intelligent Rostering automatically suggests best matched employees – based on various criteria such as skills & qualifications, availability, historical shift patterns, and working time directive. User permissions and controls also ensure that service users gain an insight into related data – while having visibility of the full audit trail too.


Reduce scheduler involvement and the dependency on their knowledge of the workforce

Dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of the rostering process

Minimise the likelihood of breaches in service compliance

Gain economies of scale by rostering multiple teams across the campus within a single rostering system

Know and have confidence that the most suitable employees have been scheduled

Expedite the shift confirmation process using MySmartTask

Capture ad-hock work so that Management KPI’s are complete and support business justification for extra resources

Boost customer satisfaction!


payroll-hr-invoiceManage employee records, holiday, absence and certificate management along with payroll and service billing. You can automatically arbitrate employee pay to your parameters. Shifts outside these parameters requiring manual arbitration can easily be identified and actioned quickly. Exportable reports can be integrated with SAGE and provide essential payroll and billing data – along with holiday accrual and absence management.


Safeguard contractual commitments by ensuring that only qualified employees are suggested for shifts

Accelerate payroll and billing using SmartTask’s integrated reports

Easily access attendance records for every employee

Increased transparency for both employees and customers

Boost morale among staff by reducing employee pay disputes and resolving any disputes that do arise more quickly

Payroll lock down provides a consistent source of data for reconciliation

Streamline the holiday request process

Integrated holiday management makes rota management more efficient

Proof of Attendance

SmartTask IVRCapture integrated proof of time and attendance to monitor the status of your staff as they complete their work. Staff can use a simple smartphone application to scan tags to record shifts. Where appropriate, on-screen signature capture provides additional proof of service.

Other staff (without smartphones) simply book on/off shifts and submit check calls via a telephone and a secure PIN code. You can also complete check calls – minimising lone worker protection overheads and ensuring staff are safe.


Accurately record the times that employees have started and ended their shifts

Support duty of care to staff and keep them happy

Simple to use

Reduce operational costs by automating the process of how shifts get started ended as well as how check calls get made

Know your employees are safe without having to call them

Mobile Workers

SmartTask Mobile WorkersEmployees can book onto their shifts, view their daily work, make check calls and scan site checkpoint tags to prove that predefined routes have been visited. The app also allows employees to fill in electronic forms, raise alerts, complete audits and submit incident reports.


Deliver the service you’ve promised and prove it!

Cutting down the time spent on producing reports

Add management kpi’s for remote workers where previously it was impossible to measure what they were doing

Make employees more effective workers

Identify poorly performing employees

Reduce paper forms, centralise storage and retrieval and improve management of the process the forms are designed to support

Real-time Visability

SmartTask real-time visability

Live monitoring provides an instant real-time overview of how your business is performing as the day unfolds. You can quickly identify where critical issues are occurring and respond effectively to ensure that compliance is achieved and customer satisfaction maintained.

By highlighting critical issues such as late arrivals, missed check calls and incidents, as they occur, the live view allows you to be proactive and manage by exception. This provides management visibility of staff performance and how they’re being kept safe.


Effectively manage contract delivery and view recently completed work

Certify attendance across both mobile and static teams

Provide duty of care to staff and support them whilst out in the field

Enhance customer satisfaction

Improve Operational Control and deal with incidents quickly and effectively

Email alerts remove the need for someone to be permanently sat in front of the monitoring screen

Avoid having to make hourly calls to employees to check on their welfare

Audit & Inspection Services

Campus Audits and Inspection Services

Capture and store valuable auditing and inspection data such as cleaning standards audits and equipment checks – such as defibrillator, fire safety or first aid.


Consolidate current paper based processes in to an up to date electronic system

Schedule regular work and be confident that managers will be alerted if the work is not completed to plan

Expand the range of services offered

Delight your customers and be sure they are getting the best value for money from its facilities personnel and contractors

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