Mobile Workforce Management

Employee Scheduling
6th January 2015

Mobile Workforce Management

Our mobile workforce management application is part of SmartTask, a unified, user-focused SAAS package that features call logging, analytics and high quality mobile workforce management.

SmartTask is a brand new task administration software framework that delivers ground-breaking capabilities by automatically matching tasks aided by the appropriate associate and supervisor. Workforce management is it self evolving into a remedy called staff optimization. This develops on workforce management to embrace all aspects of managing the entire workforce life-cycle and supports the company with crucial ideas into just how its workforce is performing.

Mobile Workforce Management

While special applications are popular in several areas such as ERP (enterprise resource preparation ), SLM (service lifecycle management), CRM (customer relationship management) and HR ( recruiting ) administration, the handling of the staff is normally nonetheless managed simply by using spreadsheet programs or time recording. Regardless if you are trying to update your existing solution with an integrated system or deploy a standalone, best-of-breed system, our mobile workforce management solution will allow you to improve your operations for your business. Workforce management solutions may be deployed enterprise-wide.

Workforce management is actually incorporated: Enterprise-Class Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Accrual, Leave and Absence Management, plus Occurrence Tracking are core to our solution. For that reason companies require a robust collection of methods to assist manage their many complex tasks, including workforce scheduling software, payroll applications and absence monitoring and administration.

An integral facet of workforce management is scheduling. SmartTask’s mobile workforce management software solutions automate the full spectrum of procedures required to effectively deploy employees and track time and attendance. The one thing to consider is efficient handling of your workforce needs smart handling of your opportunities, as well.

Workforce Management Planning topics include, but they are not limited to payroll and benefits; recruitment and instruction; performance administration; some time attendance, as well as other Human Resources procedural components eg redundancy, classification, transfers and relocations. Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Optimization were our core for many years and still create special and effective differentiators within our mobile workforce management computer software. Interactive Intelligence provides feature-rich functionality for communication recording, workforce management, high quality management, comments from customers, strategic preparation, and real-time analytics.

Workforce Management solutions take all this information under consideration when making optimized schedules. Workforce Management can be a complex balancing act between your demands of consumers, staff members, administration and other stakeholders. SmartTask Mobile Workforce Management makes use of your existing database, this means that any skill changes, whether driven from address & text analytics caused workflows or manual skill changes, can be applied to workforce management without need for personal discussion.

Mobile Workforce Management plays a vital part

Workforce Management plays a vital part in providing great understanding of strategic workforce preparation and scheduling. A workforce management system is an integral component in running a business, but an efficient workforce management system is the key to running a thriving company. Mobile Workforce Management software facilitates consistent and dependable execution by providing a user friendly task administration system that extends your current systems and delivers tasks straight to your workers smartphone, such as for instance Motorola Solutions’ very affordable and rugid TC55 phone.

In most personnel-intensive industries, mobile workforce management has become an important strategic element in corporate administration.  There are additionally best-of-breed solutions created especially to control the timekeeping requires for a large workforce, frequently easily integrated with HR management system (HRMS) and payroll methods. But SmartTask delivers the only fully comprehensive workforce management solution on the market today by offering some great benefits of Workforce Management without the expense and implementation time inefficiencies.

See our Product Information page for explanations of our current Workforce Management solutions. Our mobile workforce management software is powered by our smartphone app and it is obtainable through the PlayStore or iTunes for any product or tablet that runs Android or iOS.