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SmartTask System FAQ

Do I need lots of technical know how to install SmartTask?
No. SmartTask is a cloud based solution designed to be implemented in to businesses with minimal technical input. As with all systems some time is required to ensure the business gets maximum advantage from its investment and this can be achieved either by you and your team of if required we can help with the use of the solution throughout your business, we can even go as far as installing NFC tags at your sites if you need us to.

SmartTask Licencing FAQ

Do I have to pay for SmartTask contracts for all of the employees I want to schedule on SmartTask even if they are only need to be schedule for a short period like an event?
There is a requirement to pay for employees using the system either via contract plans or, if they are temporary or contract workers, they can be activated via pay as you go (‘PAYG’) mode, where you only pay while they are available to be scheduled.

SmartTask SmartForms FAQ

I have lots of paper forms in my business, can SmartTask help us reduce paper and be more effective?
Yes, the powerful SmartForms capability within SmartTask allows us to create complex forms with branch routed workflow so that operators are guided through a range of questions appropriate to the business need. Each form can include many typical question types together with signature or photo capture. Customers are using these forms for inspections, request forms, vehicle checks, safety equipment checks, customer sign-off and much more. These forms once captured can be automatically directed to the appropriate team for further action and or managed through the SmartForms portal to ensure they are actioned and processed.

SmartTask Patrol Monitoring FAQ

How can I see in real-time what’s going on at my customers’ sites?
By using SmartTask’s patrol monitoring capabilities you get real-time visibility of patrols as they are being completed and you can choose to be notified if patrols are at risk of not being performed to plan, giving you the opportunity to resolve issues quickly. The patrol monitoring capabilities allow you to be as flexible or restrictive as you like over the timing of patrols, ensuring the right service is delivered to meet customer expectations.

SmartTask MIS & Reporting FAQ

It’s currently taking us lots of time to produce service performance reports, Can SmartTask help?
Yes, there is a vast array of reporting within the SmartTask system designed to remove the time-consuming admin of building customer service reports and much more.

SmartTask Rostering FAQ

I’m really concerned that my schedulers will at some point miss rostering an employee to a critical customer shift, how can I prevent this?
By using the unconfirmed shifts board your admin team can see upcoming shifts that do not have an employee rostered. By simply ensuring this is displayed prominently in front of your admin team they can see at a glance which shifts need urgent action.

SmartTask HR/ Payroll and Billing FAQ

I would like a single place to keep all my payroll data, Can SmartTask help me manage this for all of my security officers and cleaners?
Yes, SmartTask has everything you need to calculate and pay your employees, it stores key payroll information and via the payroll arbitration process will help your admin team to produce accurate calculations of pay for passing in to your accounting system.

SmartTask Contracts FAQ

How can I capture the contractual commitments I have made to my clients to make sure we deliver on the service we have promised?
By setting up your client’s locations and the services you have committed to deliver in the SmartTask web portal, you can capture your contractual commitments in a safe and secure place. The shift generation engine will take these contractual commitments and produce the rosters against which you can schedule employees. SmartTask is designed to help you ensure you get the right person to the right location with the right skills at the right times…. to ensure your customers are happy.

SmartTask Call Monitoring FAQ

I have multiple staff attending site at an event and want to record pay and bill time, Can SmartTask do this?
Yes, You can either give each employee access to the MySmartTask app (coming soon) on their own Smartphone or a manager can use his device to allow multiple employees to record start and end of shift by simply scanning their ID cards. These employees can also share work such as completing patrols and recording Smart forms.