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Corps Security

Corps Security, the UK’s most established and respected specialist security services provider, has appointed SmartTask as its preferred technology partner as part of a business improvement initiative designed to enhance contract delivery and increase operational compliance. The company will implement an advanced patrol monitoring and electronic DOB solution across 700 customer sites to gain added visibility and control over its manned guarding and mobile security operations.

Corps Security Guards“We have previously taken an ad hoc approach to patrol monitoring, using multiple systems without any consistent processes,” explained Tony Frost, IT Director at Corps Security. “By teaming up with SmartTask we can adopt a single IT system that will help better meet our customers’ needs while giving us added operational insight and business intelligence. With greater levels of transparency and accountability across our team of 3,000 security officers, we can quickly respond to issues, enforce compliance and demonstrate the value we are providing to our customers.”

Corps Security undertook a detailed review of the patrol monitoring marketplace, selecting SmartTask based on the flexibility of the system and the company’s partnership approach. As a result, Corps Security will be able to roll out the system based on exact customer requirements. This will begin with a patrol monitoring solution initially implemented at 100 sites and a light version, based on SmartTask’s DOL solution, which will provide an alternative to paper-based Daily Occurrence Books (DOBs) at a further 600 locations nationwide.

The patrol monitoring system will use NFC tags along predefined routes, so security officers simply have to scan each checkpoint with a SmartTask-enabled smartphone to record their patrols. The SmartTask Advanced app can also be used to book on and off shifts, make check calls, raise alerts and submit detailed incident reports. All captured information will be visible to Corps Security’s central control centre, while controlled access will be available to the company’s regional management team including site and contract managers.

Using SmartTask’s DOB, security officers will be able to quickly make entries electronically, including capturing any supporting images, with incidents escalated with an automated alert to the control room and if appropriate the contract manager. As well as delivering a simple communication tool, it will also remove the cost of providing, distributing and archiving paper-based logs.

“The SmartTask solution will enable us to centrally collate a wide range of data that can be used to streamline, simplify and standardise our business and operational processes. We are already finding clever ways of using the system – such as creating a highly accurate way of reporting contract manager site visits – and expect to work closely with SmartTask moving forward to identify further opportunities to use the wide-ranging functionality. We will also have the ability to develop new features that offer clear benefits to our customers and the business.” concludes Tony Frost

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Provide reliability and accountability for your customers by using SmartTasks’ Mobile Patrol module. You will have real-time situational awareness of where your security officers are. Scanning checkpoints via tags and directly submitting incident reports with photos from an enabled smartphone are just examples of the capabilities of this module.

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SmartTask Daily Occurence Log

The Daily Occurrence Book and been replaced by the convenient, flexible and powerful SmartTask Daily Occurrence Log (DOL). Our web-based replacement adds features like photos and text-to-voice, whilst removing the cost of providing, distributing and archiving paper-based logs.

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