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Consortio Security is one of the UK’s fastest-growing, most forward-thinking security businesses, dedicated to protecting property, information and people.

Consortio Security is one of the UK’s fastest-growing, most forward-thinking security businesses, dedicated to protecting property, information and people. The company offers a full range of security services, tailored to meet exact requirements, to ensure its customers’ businesses, staff and assets stay protected.

Consortio Security works alongside blue-chip and public-sector organisations to reduce loss, manage risk and provide manpower resource. Saving time and money by streamlining internal processes Improving operational performance by better managing security workforce Enhancing service delivery to new and existing customers Reducing the administrative burden with advanced reporting Optimising vetting procedures to speed up staff recruitment.


Consortio's Control roomConsortio Security adopted SmartTask to streamline internal processes and improve operational performance. The employee scheduling and workforce management software is used to better manage and monitor a team of 330 security officers that provide a range of services at 250 customer sites including manned guarding, key holding, mobile patrols and alarm response. This enables the company to reduce its administrative burden while enhancing the service it provides to customers.

“SmartTask represents a big step forward for us that will help transform our internal processes by gaining complete transparency of operational data,” commented Earl Knight, CEO of Consortio Security. “The software is already proving its worth, and we expect to gain even greater efficiency savings and performance improvements as we embed it into our business further.”

SmartTask replaced an existing workforce management system that was no longer meeting the demands of the business in terms of usability and reporting capabilities. Following a review of the marketplace, SmartTask was selected as it offered a simple, cloud-and app-based solution, with SmartForm functionality. The smartphone app provides security officers with a simple way to record proof of attendance, submit incident reports, access and confirm assigned shifts, and read assignment and risk assessment forms. Consortio uses SmartTask across its operations function – both centrally and regionally – to create and communicate work schedules, validate contract delivery and support duty of care.

The company’s national control room now has complete visibility of all booking on-and-off of shifts, hourly check calls, scanned patrol points and raised alerts via a live dashboard. Meanwhile, three regional operations managers have controlled access, so they can manage their individual teams, measure performance and respond to issues in real-time.

According to Tom Dilley, National Control Room Manager at Consotio Security: “The added visibility and control provided by SmartTask is helping us proactively manage our security operation in the most efficient and effective way. By streamlining our internal processes and reducing incoming calls from security officers by as much as half, we are saving a considerable amount of time, so the operations team can focus on other priorities and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction are maintained.”

The added reporting capabilities and access to highly accurate data via SmartTask enables Consortio to enhance service delivery and contract compliance, quickly resolving any operational issues or reacting to customer queries.

Consortio Security AuditsMoving forward, the company is also planning to introduce an online portal, which can be accessed by customers to view real-time and historical details of their individual security operations. SmartTask represents a big step forward for us that will help transform our internal processes by gaining complete transparency of operational data,” commented Earl Knight, CEO of Consortio Security. “The software is already proving its worth, and we expect to gain even greater efficiency savings and performance improvements as we embed it into our business further. Reports are also used by the payroll and finance teams to help calculate employee and customer billing. Accurate timesheets will be downloaded and exported to Consortio’s finance systems, along with holiday accrual, absence and pay rate data.

“The added precision and adaptability of SmartTask means we can input different variables by employee and contract to create highly accurate reports. Our longer-term aim is to integrate the software with our finance systems to automate our payroll and billing processes,” explains Elliot Moss, Consortio Security’s Head of Finance.

Meanwhile, SmartTask’s vetting module enables Consortio’s HR team to speed up and simplify its BS7858- compliant background checking and pre-employment screening processes for new employees. It ensures the company is complying with legal regulations such as working history, DBS checks and right to work, as well as helping to effectively source appropriate references. SmartTask Vetting allows certificates and identification documents to be uploaded, removing the need to store paper copies, while electronic reminders will enable the software to flag-up any upcoming expiry dates.

According to Mick Stone, Head of Human Resources at Consortio Security: “SmartTask’s vetting module is already speeding up staff recruitment by having a fast and accurate screening process that is fully compliant with all legal regulations and our internal employment policies. We are, on average, reducing the time required screening a new starter by 40 percent when compared to the previous system we had in place, which is freeing up valuable HR resource.”


  • Streamlined Internal Processes – By gaining complete transparency of operational data, Consortio has been able to dramatically reduce the administrative burden and enhance the service provided to clients.
  • Enhanced Customer Service – SmartTask is enabling Consortio to monitor service delivery and share highly-accurate performance data to ensure contract compliance and provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • Control Room Performance – Consortio’s control room is using SmartTask to gain complete visibility of the status and welfare of security officers while making the best use of available resources by enhancing internal processes and reducing incoming calls by up to 50 percent.
  • Background Checking & Pre-Employment Screening – SmartTask is helping Consortio speed up and simplify its fully-compliant vetting processes, saving on average 40 per cent of the time needed to screen a new starter.

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