Making time to save time

Making time to save time

Want to upgrade your business systems but just too busy?

Running a cleaning business often means wearing many hats overseeing operations, finance and sales. Your staff have to react to different demands – from sorting out a customer invoice query, arranging for a last minute roster change to accommodate an operative calling in sick, responding to a special one-off clean request, or carrying out welfare calls for lone workers. Not to mention sorting out the paper jam on the photocopier which always seems to happen when you do the monthly payroll.

If all of this sounds familiar, then upgrading your systems is probably the last thing that you have time to think about.

Invest for success

Making time to invest in new software to run your business could give you significant time – and savings - back. Automating processes and using electronic forms to track time and attendance, and calculate holiday and sickness for the payroll helps reduces errors. With the reduction in time spent on paperwork alone you will soon reap the benefits from the efficiencies gained.

Workforce management software can help you streamline many of those onerous tasks that take up your day – freeing you up to concentrate on growing the business. Making time to deploy an easy to use system for staff will help day to day operations run more efficiently and deliver a fast return on your investment.

Reduce admin, improve cashflow and win more business

For Approved Cleaning Services using workforce management software has enabled them to provide Proof of Attendance - important for their clients - and win more business. The management team can see when operatives are on-site, quickly providing a replacement to ensure the job gets done even if someone fails to show. It provides clients with the assurance that the agreed cleaning services are being provided.

Richard Jones, Sales Director at Approved Cleaning said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, having SmartTask has helped us to win more business. Being able to provide Proof of Attendance is a key selling point for us.”

Reducing the time spent on rostering, payroll and invoicing by 75%, saving a day and a half per week, by deploying a workforce management solution has been one of the key benefits for Equity Cleaning. Being able to identify staff with the right skills who are available and local to the customer site to fill gaps has been invaluable, ensuring that all customer jobs are serviced cost efficiently and helping to meet Service Level Agreements.

“Since using SmartTask our operations and administration are more efficient and accurate across the board. Rostering and payroll are massively streamlined, while SmartTask’s user friendly system has freed my time up greatly, enabling me to focus on other priorities,” says Equity’s Operations Director, Louise Haynes

For Tatry Group automating roster and shift management has reduced the admin time from 5 hours per week to 20 minutes. Managers can also plan ahead for employee annual leave to ensure that all shifts are covered in order to meet SLAs.

Sounds good but don’t know where to start? Five top tips to help smooth your upgrade path

At SmartTask we have helped many customers transform their business with our workforce management software. Here’s a few tips to smooth the way forward:

  1. Make a commitment – taking the plunge with new systems isn’t easy, but if you plan your upgrade and communicate well to staff in advance (and try not to reschedule) you will make great progress.
  2. Focus on the benefits – make sure you continually review why you are upgrading and what the outcomes will be. There will, of course, be some challenges, but if you accept these as part of the journey and focus on the end goals it will be much easier.
  3. Look for a quick win – find a positive benefit that will get staff on side quickly. For example, making it easy for operatives to view shifts on their phone, helping them to manage work and home commitments. Once staff have bought into the new system, they will be more positive about making an effort to get the most out of the solution.
  4. Be open minded to different ways of working. Listen to your vendor who has a lot of experience - sometimes a fresh outlook can really help.
  5. Take advantage of the training offered – after all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

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