FM Employee Scheduling Software

SmartTask-FM-webSmartTask is an employee scheduling and remote workforce management solution that enables companies to manage contract service delivery, improve operational control and quality, raise customer satisfaction and support duty of care to staff. SmartTask FM Edition of is tailored to meet the needs of the facilities management sector and incorporates a number of electronic forms commonly used by the industry which may be further adapted to suit individual requirements.

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SmartTask Overview

Control Room Demo

Scheduling Demo

Contract Setup & Intelligent Rostering

SmartTask’s fast and intuitive user interface streamlines contract setup, and task and employee scheduling with no compromise to accuracy.

Intelligent Rostering automatically suggests best matched employees to roster and assign tasks, based on key criteria.

User permission and controls ensure contract compliance with full audit trail – awkward to fill shifts no longer ‘vanish’ without trace!

SmartTask Care Rostering
Save administration time and costs

Increase productivity

Comply with contract specifications

Comply with duty of care

Cleaning, maintenance, inspections & audits

SmartTask captures integrated proof of time and attendance, and job completion to monitor the activities of FM teams.

Scheduled employees book on/off shifts and check calls via telephone and a secure PIN code.

Where a greater degree of tracking and data capture is required, a simple smartphone application is used to scan tags for recording shifts, tasks, and checkpoints attended.

The SmartTask Mobile app enables users to fill in electronic forms, raise alerts and submit incident reports, while also providing access to supporting information and special instructions.

Smart Forms

SmartTask incorporates an extremely powerful and flexible capacity for replacing paper-based business processes with electronic forms – SmartForms.

Almost any routine or event driven data capture activity can be automated using SmartForms with workflow logic, GPS location/time/date, camera and signature capture. Information may be exported to spreadsheet or collected by a customer system accessing a secure database interface.

Our experienced analysts are on hand to help customers design SmartForms ‘apps’ that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Simple, easy to use application on affordable devices

Full audit trail - who’s done what, where and when

Accurate and timely reports – no paper

Better support for employees whilst in the field
SmartTask - Smart Forms
Request Forms
Site Audits
Vehicle Checks
Safety Equipment
Customer Sign-off
Signature Capture
Image Capture
Workflow Logic
Configure, not Develop
Low risk, Quick
Export and/or Interface

Control Room

With at-a-glance visibility, Live View is an interactive dashboard for control rooms to monitor the delivery of contracted work and enable corrective action to be taken to avoid dropped shifts, missed tasks and identify other potential failures of service.

Controllers can track the attendance, status and safety of static and mobile personnel to respond quickly to any operational issues, security alerts and lone worker alarms.

Dropped shift warning board

Email alerts for incidents, late or no-shows

Take corrective actions promptly and effectively

Deliver the service according to contract

Manage by exceptions, deal with what’s important


SmartTask offers a clear, concise and accurate view of all activity through advanced reporting capabilities. A range of user, financial and executive reports enables organisations to analyse the performance of their business and provide essential information to clients.

Data can also be uploaded to other back office systems including billing and payroll, saving time and eliminating mistakes as a result of manual input.

Measure profitability and costs for each contract

Prove you’ve done what you promised to do

Reduce time collating service performance reports

Analyse staff performance and utilisation
SmartTask Cloud Software saves…
…money, time, complexity and risk

SmartTask is a cloud-based software as a service ‘SaaS’ solution, which means we provide and manage the computer whilst customers log into a secure website to use the application. This makes it highly scalable, reliable and affordable, thus removing the need for costly, time consuming and complex technology projects. It is simple and easy to install, so companies can quickly and effectively implement the solution without a dedicated IT department. Ongoing support also provides full disaster recovery and software upgrades as part of the subscription.

Any solution purchasing decision must include these critical cost and risk factors:

Cost of software + support + updates

Cost of equipment + support + installation

Risk and cost of data backup and security

Cost of expansion as business grows